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What’s stopping you from creating your own course?


How quickly can I launch a course?

That is one of the number one questions we got and there is no one answer that fits all. We regularly launch courses in 30 to 60 days and help our clients launch them in in as little as 2 weeks.


How much money will I make?

How much money you make is directly related to how much time you spend identifying the needs of your ideal client. That’s a section of our system we walk all of our students through.


How long does it take to get through your course?

Students use the course throughout their building, designing and delivery process, so the material is relevant and a good reference tool as you go through each step. Because our system is developed in standalone modules you can refer back to areas where you may need to refresh your idea or better understand a particular concept.


What does a course look like?

Explore this sample micro learning system that will give you an idea of how modules and lessons are structured. It includes different types of learning material you can use to enhance your learning system, like checklists, downloads, quizzes and videos to engage and excite your students.


How much does it cost to build a micro learning system?

We have packages as low as $797. If you’d like us to build one for you, pricing is available based on your needs. 


If I buy the online course version for $797, can I put that money towards any upgrades?

Yes! No matter which program you purchase, the entire amount applies to any upgrade that you’d want to do so if you start off with the micro learning system accelerator and decide that you’d like us to build the framework, the total amount that you paid for the accelerator will be applied to the framework. 


Do you just build micro learning systems or do you help us market them too?

Yes we help you from the idea phase to the aftercare phase. Our system builds upon three main areas of focus: Design, develop and deliver.

In the design phase we help you understand your ideal client, create a course that speaks directly to their problems and get you in the right mindset so that you can be successful.

In the development phase we help you develop your curriculum and your platform so that you can deliver your learning content effectively and make an interesting experience for your students.

In the delivery phase we go over marketing launch and aftercare.

All three of these are critical to the success of your course. In the beginning of the our process, we start you on some basic marketing strategies to increase your network and build your email list so by the time you get done building your course, you have people to sell it to and they’re already warmed up.

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At MKE Video, we build Micro Learning Systems for our clients in as little as 10 days. But we understand if you want to put one together on your own.

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Discover Your Ideal Client

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In our PEAK course building method, the first step is Planning your course.

The most important part of course planning is identifying your ideal client so that your core message hits the target.

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